The Web Portal development process

At The Portal Company we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver professionally designed web portals for you. To achieve this, we undergo a robust process that we have refined with our decades of software development experience.

Once a web portal order has been agreed and approved upon, we work closely with you to produce a functional specification that matches your end business goals. After a specification has been agreed, we create detailed wireframes that outlines the layout of the pages including branding, user journey and page content layout. This is then delivered to you for approval which ensures we are meeting your initial web portal expectations.

Once the wireframe has been approved, we go through numerous design iterations, with each update being sent to the you so we are staying on task and meeting the web portal specification.

At the point the full design has been finalised, our team of developers build the necessary functionality that is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM web portals technology. 

Cloud First

Serversys fully subscribe to the cloud first policy. 94% of all our new business/projects are based around cloud technology. To complement our development toolset with Dynamics 365 and Portals, we utilise Microsoft Azure web services as a Microsoft Cloud Partner with diverse skills across the range of web services available.

Agile Software Development

Using an Agile approach to delivering projects is a key methodology that is entrenched in all our employees.

Agile methodology enables us to collaborate closely with you to ensure that the outcome is iterated with our combined skills. Our approach to developing your web portal is to build it in short iterations, whereby the project is broken down into small chunks, prioritised and dispatched in short cycles. We continue the process of adding a small number of functions during each cycle so that we can plan, set milestones and estimate the final build date of your customized web portal.

Utilising the agile methodology facilitates rapid development and deployment and a superior product at launch.

Choosing a web portal solution with The Portal Company guarantees you are catering to your user base for the long-term. We have a proven methodology that we've perfected for over two decades which has led to organisations we work with reach their strategic goals and grow.

We believe in building relationships with the organisations we partner with. Speak with us today and we'll understand your upcoming web portal and CRM needs.

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