Power Apps portals version 9.4.7.x is now available. This article describes the bug fixes and updates that are included in 9.4.7.x .

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues that are resolved/updated in this update.


  • Disabled Next / Previous button changes the color to brown in high contrast mode
  • Instruction provided for Lookup dialog to select one record at a time
  • Keyboard focus indicator is clearly visible on the pagination control
  • Screen reader doesn’t announce the aria-label of ‘Votes up for this idea’ control
  • Screen reader doesn’t announce the name of the navigation link in Ideas page.
  • Screen reader doesn’t announce the name of the tooltip present in “Change Email” control
  • Screen reader doesn’t announce the role of the control for “Votes up for this idea”
  • Screen reader doesn’t announce the role of Vote button properly
  • “Confirm E-mail” is defined as a heading for easy navigation for screen reader using shortcut keys


  • Duplicate record creation issue fixed on refreshing insert mode form
  • Issue related to attribute metadata when regular expression with * showing as required field is fixed and regular expression is working properly
  • User is able to create two or more records of the same dataverse table in an Advanced form step
  • Submit button with Catalan language non functional issue fixed

New Features

  • Support for Dataverse file column.
  • Additional Portal checker rules to verify correctness of site settings.

This release also contains performance updates, security fixes, and improves overall reliability of Power Apps portals.

Daniel Norris

Communications Manager

Daniel Norris is the communications manager for The Portal Company. His role is to bring you the latest updates, tips, news and guides on Dynamics 365 Portal. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.