Virtual Assistant coming to D365 Portal in 2019

virtual assistant coming to d365 portals in 2019 spring

We recently attended Microsoft Future Decoded to get the latest news and learn about future innovations coming to Microsoft and its partners. We decided to attend the Intelligence in Dynamics 365 for customer service which discussed how we can drive compelling customer and advisor experiences. These presentations were hosted by Saurabh Parashar and David Reid,Technology Solutions Professionals from Microsoft.

We were pleased to hear a little more about Virtual Assistants which will be arriving in Spring 2019. It promises to enhance the customer experience, reduce the work load of customer service teams and support managers who wish to look for insights and interventions to optimise the workforce and operations.

From the presentation, the web portal front end has a powerful AI virtual bot for supporting a customers needs regarding sales queries, returns, product questions. Using natural language, it communicates human like, personal interactions thereby engaging the customer. Under circumstances that the assistant can't support the user, it can seamlessly be escalated to customer service teams.

In addition Virtual Assistants will be able to provide contextual information to customer service inside CRM such as bring up suggested knowledge articles and surface similar cases.

virtual assistant can handle complex queriesAs shown above: The Virtual Assistant can handle complex customer queries using natural language which historically requires human intervention and demands significantly more time to achieve the customer issue.  

dynamics 365 virtual assistant coming soon 2019

We think this a fantastic step forward for Dynamics 365. We were told that the installation process is simple which should increase the adoption of AI into customer service. Previously we found AI virtual assistants cumbersome to install and configure  which has led to only larger companies being able to deploy this technology and overcome such obstacles. You can download the full presentation for free at the Future Decoded app page.