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How to Display Information Dynamically with Content Snippets

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How to Display Information Dynamically with Content Snippets

Content Snippets are powerful tools for replicating dynamic content on your Dynamics 365 Portal pages. They are often used when you wish to add a replicable piece of content which could include text, images, CRM data to a web template. Dynamics 365 Portal has many out of the box Content Snippets for you use such as Browser Title Prefix, Forum Labels and Blog Headings.

In this post, we’re going to show you to add this capability to your Portal web templates.

1. Login to your Dynamics 365 CRM.

2. Navigate to Portals > Content Snippets.

3. Click on New and enter the values for Name, Website and Value. 

4. Click Save.

5. Navigate to Portals > Web Templates.

6. Click on your choice of Web Templates or New.

7. You can include your new content snippet by using the following code: (remove the /)

{/% editable snippets 'Your-Snippet' type: 'html' 	%}

You can also add content snippets directly to web pages with the following

1. Login to Dynamics 365 Portal Front-End.

2. Navigate to your page and click on the ‘Edit | Page Copy Label’ to open a new window.

3. Add the above code once again to your source code using your own content snippet and click Save.

Your new content snippet should render on your new page.

August 26, 2018
Dan Norris - Communications Manager ServerSys

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