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Non-Profit Web Portals

Charities and non-profits face unique challenges navigating resource constraints and complex data structures. At The Portal Company, we specialise in designing self-service websites that overcome these hurdles, enabling organisations to engage effectively with their communities.

Our solutions will help you delight stakeholders and simplify complexities, freeing your team to focus on its mission.

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Non-Profit Portal Benefits

We design data-powered portals that connect with Dynamics 365 CRM and other Microsoft products to meet the needs of charities, associations, clubs and other non-profit organisations.


Deploy self-service tools that automate routine processes and empower external users.


Enable personalised interactions with donors and members through a secure and intuitive website.


Portals help to reduce expenditure on admin tasks so you can focus budgets on core activities.



Offer a central hub for sharing updates and reports, increasing accountability.


Enhance your collection and analysis of data for accurate reporting and decision-making.


Unlock the potential to engage with a diverse audience, broadening your reach and influence.


Deploy a portal that simplifies volunteer onboarding to increase impact.


Seamlessly adapt your self-service site without compromising your service or mission focus.

Client Case Study

Discover how we helped Cycling UK upgrade its member experience by deploying a web portal integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

“The quality of The Portal Company’s work has been impressive. They’ve created a web portal that will power exciting new opportunities for Cycling UK and its members into the future.”

Ian Taylor, IT Manager at Cycling UK


Web Portals Built for Change

Your efforts demand a self-service website as dynamic and dedicated as your organisation, and The Portal Company is here to deliver precisely that.

Starting with an initial release, we will ensure a rapid website implementation to accelerate your mission. Post-rollout, we offer the reassurance of continuous partnership, providing ongoing refinements to adapt to your evolving needs.

Non-Profit Portal Solutions

Partner with The Portal Company to deploy a CRM-integrated portal for members, volunteers, events, grant management and other requirements to modernise your workflows. Our web portal solutions include:

Donor Management

Boost fundraising efforts and refine payment processing.

Event Registrations

Facilitate seamless event sign-ups and management.

Member Access

Manage subscriptions, benefits, and access to your resources

Funding Applications

Efficiently manage and review grant applications.

Community Forums

Foster communication with collaborative discussion boards.

Maintenance Scheduling

Stay ahead of maintenance needs for uninterrupted fleet operation.

Volunteer Coordination

Streamline volunteer sign-ups, onboarding and scheduling.

Support Ticketing

Expedite support with automated ticketing and intelligent chat.

Client Success Stories

Join the ranks of satisfied partners like Police Now and ODPA, who transformed their external communications and processes with our process-driven portals.


Discover how our centralised web portal helped Police Now improve communication with program participants.


Find out how our integrated portal enabled the Office of Data Protection Authority to fast-track registration processes.

Microsoft Technology Tailored for You

We create secure web portals using the Microsoft Cloud to increase collaboration and streamline workflows. This includes:

Simple Customisation with Power Pages

We’ll quickly launch a professional-looking website personalised to your needs, using low code tools that don’t compromise quality or style.

Reliable Foundation with Azure

For advanced needs, we’ll build a custom Azure portal that grows with you, ensuring it remains safe, fast, and connected to all your critical services.

Integrated Customer Management with Dynamics 365

Connect the dots between self-service and your CRM, and you can easily track interactions and follow up on commitments.

Effortless Operations with Power Automate

Eliminate repetitive tasks by automating routine processes driven by portal interactions, freeing your team to focus on higher-value activities.

Unified Experience with Connected Power Apps

Bring services together within a feature-rich portal, providing a consistent and smooth experience for patients, customers and stakeholders.

Data Insights with Power BI

Enrich portal experiences with interactive charts and visuals that turn your data into easy-to-understand stories.

Ready to Enhance Your Outreach?

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve how you connect with your community.

Connect with us today, and let’s explore how we can implement a website to enrich your interactions with members, donors and other stakeholders.