Portals for Customers.

Every interaction makes an impression on your customers. People want to do business with companies that consistently offer prompt, efficient service that shows that you value them as customer. When you invest in enhancing your customers’ experience, they will reward you with brand loyalty and refer you to their friends and associates.

Adding a customer portal to your website is a simple and effective way to offer your customers the instant service they’ve come to expect in today’s digital world.

web portals

When customers have a question, the overwhelming majority—73%—turns to the internet for answers first, but more than 50% will search for no more than 10 minutes before giving up (Portal Survey)

That shows that customers are looking for online answers to their problems that are easy and convenient to find.  The best place for them to find answers is in a customer portal on your website, which is content that has been approved and reliable.

At The Portal Company, we build custom customer web portals using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, to ensure maximum flexibility with complete dependability. We work with your company’s stakeholders to identify what information should be made available your customers.

You can use our web portals to offer your customers benefits such as:

Around-the-clock convenience

Around-the-clock convenience

Access to information

Access to information such as project data, documents and timetables

knowledge base

A fully-searchable knowledge base to find answers quickly and easily

customer information

Access to their customer information and past purchases

support tickets

The ability to submit and track support tickets


Forums to connect with other customers

Giving your customers what they want.

It costs 6-7 times as much to convert a new customer than to keep a current one (Consumer Affairs), so it makes good business sense to offer your customers the answers that they are looking for, when and where they are looking for them. A customer web portal is a quick and easy way to for your customers to cut through a wealth of information and find the answers they are looking for.

Allowing your customers to answer their own questions also cuts back on the demand for live help, allowing you to allocate excess personnel to sales or other areas.

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