Why Build an Employee Portal?

Portals help to maximise employee engagement.

36% of businesses view employee engagement as a top challenge. (Globoforce) Companies with employees who are highly engaged outperform companies with less engagement by an impressive 147 percent in earnings per share.

“A highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that thrives and one that struggles.”


Employee Self Service

It’s no question that Employee Portals make life simpler for Human Resource departments. Instead of fielding multiple inquiries about a process or event, they can simply post information on the portal for employees to access at their convenience.

News & Events Management

Sales and other personnel can also use portals to surface any of the information held in the company CRM. Instead of wading through a sea of data, they can access a portal to quickly and easily provide the specific information needed for a given job.

Security Management

To protect the privacy of your clients. CRM information can be given on a need-to-know basis, making the right information available to the right employees at the right time.

Encourage Employee Engagement

In addition, companies with high degrees of employee engagement generate revenues that average 26% higher per employee (Watson Wyatt) and engaged employees provide more creative input and are more likely to stay with your company than less-engaged employees.

Simplified Onboarding

Simplified Onboarding

New hires or employees of acquired companies can quickly access news, calendars, documentation, and information about benefits, policies and procedures.

Convenient Access

Convenient Access to Forms

Whether they need to fill out a technical support request or request a day off, knowing where to quickly find what they need makes the process pain-free.

Team Building

Team Building

Especially relevant to companies with employees who work remotely or in more than one location, having access to a company directory with photos and bios adds a personal touch and lets your staff feel more connected to the people that they collaborate with.



Instead of accepting small bits of information that is doled out to them, everything they need to know is available to them in a convenient, searchable database 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

At The Portal Company, we understand that one of the best ways to engage your customers is by making your employees take a vested interest in your company and giving them the tools that they need to do their jobs. Building an employee portal is an important step in making that happen.

As a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner, Dynamics 365 Cloud CRM Partner and Azure Partner, we live and breathe custom portals.

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