Partner Portals promote better communication

The way that your partners interact with their customers is always changing. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to be aware of their changing needs and tailor your partner strategies to match.

Partner portals are a valuable tool for learning about your partners’ needs and providing them the support that they need to close the deal.

Partner portals are a highly effective means of communicating and collaborating effectively between a parent company and its affiliates or associated companies. The parent company can add information, such as product brochures and pricing information, that are not available to end users or distribute leads to resellers.

Engaging partners through your portal

But effective partner portals can be used for more than just one-way communication. Building a partner portal with the partner in mind sets them up for success and you for increased sales.

A well-designed partner portal should be inherently sustainable, allowing your partners to access your system with minimal active support. This may not seem important if you have a limited number of partners, but as your affiliations grow, the right partner portal will scale with you to keep your partner-support demands at a manageable level.

Sharing company information

Sharing of product and company information

Distribution of sales leads

Distribution of sales leads

Customizable print collateral

Customisable print collateral and other sales tools

registering for events

Scheduling and registering for events

user-specific content

Displaying user-specific content


Communication, networking and collaboration

Obtain data insights

When your partners engage with your portal, you gain important data about what functions are most important to them. Paying attention to questions and comments that your partners make when collaborating in your portal can also alert you to customer needs and upcoming trends.

The right partner portal can reap rewards on two fronts. Learning about your partners' changing needs keeps your offerings relevant and in-demand and giving your partners the tools that they need to increase sales adds to your bottom line.

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