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Providing secure, 24/7 online access to your client’s investment portfolio

How can we help you?

Providing secure, 24/7 online access to your client’s investment portfolio is a necessity to stay ahead of your competitors. Web portals implemented by us and supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology have the tools to deliver a multifunctional financial access point. Your clients can examine their return on investment across multiple organisations and allow them to evaluate their portfolio performance. Self-service access to sensitive documents such as tax certificates and valuation statements reduces administrative costs across your operations.

The Portal Company have developed, with our clients, many types of financials services portals from Stock Broker portals to asset management and risk management portals. Onboarding can be made more efficient with automated AML checks to help manage the heavy burden of compliance. Companies that have implemented portals in financial services generally see a large reduction in administration with an increase in customer satisfaction serving both the end client and the intermediary where a more complex relationship exists.

What can we help?

The Portal Company has extensive experience in delivering solutions to the financial sector. We understand your business model and your clients’ needs. This gives your web portal a head start, providing you with a competitive advantage that you deserve. We customize your clients’ user experience to your specification. This ensures your clients have a positive experience with your brand and encourages on going engagement.

How do you benefit?

Financial web portals provide numerous advantages to your operations. Administrative costs are immediately reduced due to interactions between your client and your response teams are streamlined. This includes users being able to retrieve documents online, and on-demand, avoiding distribution costs.

Financial statements, return on investment break downs and investment news information can be accessed easily with a simple login, and in a central view. Users can additionally filter statement information and manipulate how data is expressed on page for their own convenience.

Financial web portals also present the opportunity for cross-selling to other investment products and encouraging clients to reinvest. Choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 web portal can therefore be a solution that increases your long-term profitability.

Manage all your services in one place:

  • Provide portal for clients and intermediaries
  • Access financial statements online
  • Access investment opportunities
  • 24x7 access
  • Encourage re-investment at maturity
  • A Reduce administrative costs
  • ASelf serve certificates - tax & valuation statements
  • AFaster process for intermediaries
  • APromote cross-selling to other investment products

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