The Portal Company
The Portal Company

Leaders in Building Custom Microsoft Web Portals

Discover unmatched expertise in developing bespoke data-powered web portals.

Renowned for our agile approach and rapid delivery, The Portal Company specialises in designing website that increase engagement and streamline processes.

We are at the forefront of integrating Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, offering tailored portals to propel your digital transformation.

What we do

Transformative Portals for Modern Organisations

We harness the Microsoft Cloud to design secure, self-service web portals that enhance data access and strengthen connections.

Increase Engagement


Enable 24/7 access, empowering external users to find answers and access support, improving overall satisfaction.

Strengthen Communities


We build online hubs to foster collaboration and deepen relationships with customers, members, and partners.

Unlock Insights


Portals monitor stakeholder interactions, providing valuable data for strategic, data-driven improvements.

Streamline Operations


Our process-focused portals modernise repeatable workflows, enhancing efficiency and lowering costs.

Demo of JOG Portal
Microsoft Web Portals Specialist

We’ll help you create a scalable and secure web portal

At The Portal Company, we blend expertise with the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to quickly deploy bespoke web portals.

Our initial step is an in-depth analysis to understand and define your requirements. This guides the development of your portal, focusing on streamlining interactions and securely managing your data.

With responsive design and agile development, we’ll ensure adaptability across devices and rapid deployment. Our commitment extends beyond launch, with dedicated support and updates to respond to your evolving needs.

Connect with us for integrated website solutions that bring simplicity, innovation, and a partnership for long-term success.

Our Web Portal Solutions

We offer bespoke portals to fit frequent usage scenarios.

Millennial technician working on a Dynamics 365 customisation using a laptop in his home office.

Membership Portals

Engage members and streamline processes with custom features designed for nonprofits, associations, and clubs.

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Millennial technician working on a Dynamics 365 customisation using a laptop in his home office.

Partner Portals

Sharing leads and resources to strengthen collaboration and channel engagement that accelerates growth opportunities.

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Millennial technician working on a Dynamics 365 customisation using a laptop in his home office.

Customer Portals

Increase satisfaction by enabling clients to directly access their accounts, manage services and find answers.

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Employee Portals

Fostering a collaborative and empowering work environment that supports career growth and operational excellence.

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Dashboard of finance from Microsoft Portals

Community Portals

Offering resources to foster interaction, support, and information exchange between people with shared interests.

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supplier portal

Supplier Portals

Improve your supply chain management with a web portal to streamline and safeguard every interaction.

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Dynamics 365 Power Platform Web Portal for Financial Research Enterprises

Research Portals

A secure and scalable solution to distribute research, providing clients with articles, quotes and analytics all in one place.

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Industry-Specific Web Portal Expertise

We specialise in crafting portals to fit the demands of industry and organisational processes.

Our websites are designed to boost efficiency and modernise workflows, thanks to our vast experience in finance, automotive, facilities management, healthcare, non-profit, and more sectors.

With expertise in advanced integrations, we will ensure your portal perfectly aligns with your specific needs and priorities.

We have deep experience building portals for many industries

We are trusted by...

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Customer Success Story

The Portal Company’s truly consultative and can-do approach meant we were able to work at speed to initiate a genuinely agile environment that evolves with us. ”

Tim Loveridge, Chief Operating Officer at the ODPA

Microsoft Technology We Specialise In

Our team use the breadth of the Microsoft Cloud platform to create secure, data-powered portals that modernise processes and delight customers and other stakeholders. Our solutions include:

Power Pages

Customising adaptable low code templates to accelerate portal deployment while ensuring functionality and design finesse.


Offering vast customisation options for sophisticated portal, ensuring scalability, security, and comprehensive integration.

Power Automate

Optimising workflows across systems by automating responses to portal interactions that increase scale and efficiency.

Dynamics 365

Seamlessly integrating business processes between your portal and Dynamics CRM, including cases, leads, contracts, and more.

Power Apps

Connecting processes managed in other business apps with your portal, such as subscriptions, events, and registrations.

Power BI

Enhancing self-service portals with dynamic, interactive data visualisations that offer insightful analytics.

Expert Web Portal Integrations

Our team is skilled at integrating Microsoft web portals with third-party services and data providers to connect data and automate processes. Our integrations include: