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Empowering Customers with Seamless Self-Service Portals for Enhanced Engagement.

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Customer Engagement through Portals

Customer web portals have become an essential resource for modern consumers, who expect businesses to offer online self-service capabilities.

Addressing a myriad of use cases such as account management, order tracking, personalised content access, and support requests, customer portals stand at the forefront of customer experience.

A recent study reveals that although 73% of customers tend to seek answers online first, 50% will give up after just 10 minutes if they can’t find the information they need. This underscores the significance of making information easily accessible.

Equipped with diverse functionalities, effective web portals empower customer with tools including, support resources, support ticket submissions, live chat and forums.

50% of users give up looking for answers after 10 mins

By adopting customer web portals, businesses can expect improved service efficiency and cost savings, as self-service capabilities reduce the workload on internal teams.

We partner with businesses to deliver comprehensive portal capabilities and resources, ensuring prompt issue resolution and elevated customer satisfaction. With a custom-designed portal, let us help your business increase engagement and enhance its service offerings.

Customer Portals with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform

Empowering Customers with Self-Service

As the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-7 times higher than retaining an existing one, it’s crucial to provide customers with the information they seek when and where they need it.

Effective portals offer a streamlined and user-friendly solution that allows customers to efficiently navigate a trove of information to find the answers they want quickly.

To deliver this, our portal experts craft practical, customer-centric portals that optimise user experiences and organisational productivity, ensuring your customers feel valued while your business thrives.

How Portals Build Customer Loyalty


Access to an effective web portal will help to bring customers deeper into your ecosystem and plays an important role in helping to retain them in the long term.

The ability to submit and track support tickets

24/7 customer service.

A fully-searchable knowledge base to find answers quickly and easily

Instant access to information online including knowledge resources.

Access to their customer information and past purchases

Personalised experiences using past purchases and integrated CRM data.

The ability to submit and track support tickets

The ability to submit and track support tickets.

Forums to connect with other customers

Increased independence to find answers and network.

Access to information such as project data, documents and timetables

Access to information such as project data, documents and timetables.

Best in Class Customer Portals

Guided by our extensive experience with Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform, we plan, customise and deploy effective customer portals. Leveraging the Microsoft platform ensures your portal integrates seamlessly with CRM, ensuring connected processes and the utilisation of customer data.

Customer Self Service Portal

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