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Maximise employee engagement, boost their productivity and enable their success with dedicated self-service portals.

Employee Portal

Why build an employee portal?

Companies with highly engaged employees will be more likely to outperform businesses with less engagement.

However, organisations can’t digitally transform unless their people do. By rethinking how you can empower your people to grow and adapt, you can stay ahead. With self-service systems and simplified processes, you can energise teams and boost productivity.

At The Portal Company, we understand that one of the best ways to engage customers is by making your employees take a vested interest in your company and giving them the tools that they need to do their jobs.

Deploying an employee portal is one step towards making that happen.

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Self-Service for your employees

Employee self-service web portals streamline HR processes, saving time and enhancing productivity.

By facilitating easy access to personal data, organisational policies and benefits information, employees gain control, while HR departments reduce administrative loads.

They’re a win-win tool for efficiency and satisfaction.

Onboard and upskill your workforce

We implement Employee Portals that are designed to engage internal communities and promote individual learning.

Simplified Onboarding

Simplified Onboarding

Enabling new hires to easily access news, documentation, and information about benefits, policies and procedures.

Web  Portal Empowerment


24/7 on-demand access to pertinent company and Human Resource information in a convenient website.

Convenient Access to Forms

Convenient Access to Forms

Streamline HR processes by centralising access to all essential forms. Employees can view, download, complete, and submit forms anytime, anywhere.

Team Building

Team Building

Publishing a company directory in a portal to include photos and bios adds a personal touch and lets your staff feel more connected to the people that they collaborate with.

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Surface information, and fast

Sales and other team can use portals to securely surface select information stored in the company’s CRM system.

Instead of wading through a sea of data, they can access a portal to quickly and easily provide the specific information needed.

Security Management

We engineer portals to ensure data privacy. CRM information can be given on a need-to-know basis, making the right information available to the right employees at the right time.

We use MFA and other enhanced protocols, backed by Microsoft and its cloud solution, Azure which has world-leading security.

Dynamics 365 Web Portal Security is of critical Importance at The Portal Company

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