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What are Web Portals?

We implement portals as process-driven websites that act as one-stop shops, bringing together various information and services for specific users.

They simplify processes, offer personalised experiences, and allow people to serve themselves. This gives customers and other stakeholders a secure and efficient way to interact with an organisation’s resources.

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How are Portals Used?

Organisations utilise web portals as communication and information hubs. They centralise, streamline, and simplify information sharing to boost engagement and minimise administrative burdens.

The Portal Company designs portals for internal and external user groups, such as customers, partners, members, suppliers, and employees.

Secure access to business data and the availability of self-service capabilities make portals efficient solutions for improving operational processes and communication. They are also crucial in ensuring regulatory compliance and managing data effectively, enabling smarter, more informed decision-making processes.

What are the Frequent Types of Self-Service Portal?

We build custom portals that provide secure, 24/7 access to personalised experiences through data-powered websites that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Frequent examples include:

Customer Portals

Empower customers to securely access services, information, and support anytime, enhancing autonomy and satisfaction.

Portals enable customers to independently find answers and manage their accounts, helping reduce support costs and strengthening relationships by providing a consistent and engaging user experience.

Community Portals

Community web portals support efficient interactions within communities through self-service capabilities.

The Portal Company designs data-powered websites for managing service requests, registrations, and application handling, which boosts community engagement and autonomy.

Partner Portals

We implement partner portals to support increased collaboration and resource sharing with channel partners.

Using Microsoft technology, these portals include functionality for lead sharing and content distribution to increase joint success.

Member Portals

Membership web portals include on-demand access to tailored content and self-managed profiles.

Our portals include support for event registrations, seamless payment processing, volunteer onboarding, and analytics to optimise member interactions.

Employee Portals

Self-service portals empower employees and improve operational efficiency by providing direct access to IT support, HR policies, and facilities services.

Employee portals simplify tasks such as updating personal details and booking shared equipment. They facilitate requests for technical support and workspace reservations while providing centralised access to health and safety information, document management, and company news.

Research Portals

We design research portals that enable organisations to securely share content, which can include distributing exclusive reports to subscribers. Advanced web search capabilities enable precise filtering to locate information swiftly.

Publishers can track engagement through data analytics, optimising their future research efforts. Real-time alerts notify subscribers about the latest publications, keeping them updated.

Supplier Portals

Supplier portals can help improve supply chain management by streamlining supplier onboarding, document handling, and invoice processing.

We create integrated supplier portals to automate workflows, enhance supplier collaboration, and ensure efficient compliance and risk management.

Dynamics 365 Web Portal Dashboard front end for finance

When to Use Web Portals?

Web portals help drive digital transformation by increasing efficiency and delivering value to customers and stakeholders. They simplify workflows by reducing manual tasks and duplicated efforts.

Using the Microsoft Cloud, The Portal Company creates secure, self-service websites that boost data access and strengthen connections. Our solutions allow users to independently find answers and support, raising satisfaction levels.

Portals streamline operations, eliminate redundancy, and reduce expenses by refining processes like registrations and applications, transforming business efficiency.

Additionally, our portals gather insights from user interactions, providing the data needed for informed, strategic improvements.

Tailored Portal Solutions

At The Portal Company, we specialise in designing and implementing custom portals to meet unique organisational needs. Our experience spans various industries, ensuring we can create a website tailored for most requirements.

Is your business searching for a robust, practical solution to improve its operational efficiency, forge engaging communities and increase engagement?

With our deep expertise, we will deliver a portal that fits your requirements.

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